Meyler & Company Film Locations Philosophy

At Meyler & Company, our mission is simple: 

To provide outstanding location solutions, while building strong, honest relationships with every client and homeowner. 

We recognize that your success is our success. Therefore, we put as much time and effort into service as we do our location portfolio. We are interested in long-term partnerships, and we understand how hard it is to build and maintain trust.

We will always deliver the highest level of personal attention because that is what ultimately separates us from our competition, and because that’s what is important to us. 

Catherine Meyler

For Catherine, the location company that bears her name represents the natural evolution of a lifelong interest in architecture. During over 15 years as a committed Los Angeles Conservancy member and a founding Board Member of the Palm Springs Modern Committee, Meyler found herself connecting filmmakers with the architectural locations that best matched their site requirements, and quickly became the go-to person in Southern California for architecturally driven shoots.

She is also an active affiliate member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects), the SAH/SCC (Society of Architectural Historians/Southern California Chapter), and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. In September of 2000, Catherine purchased Richard Neutra’s Miller house in Palm Springs for restoration. She is a licensed Real Estate Salesperson and a member of BAFTA (the British Academy of Film and Television Arts).

Bethany Hajnik

Growing up, Bethany knew she wanted to be in the movies, in the magazines, in fancy buildings, and doing business… so her dream came true when she started working for Meyler & Company. After freelancing here for a few years, the Company grew to the extent she was needed full-time. Bethany graduated from The University of Arizona, majoring in English Literature and Composition with a split minor in International Business and Spanish. She studied abroad in Spain during college, and was introduced to tremendous artists and architects there and throughout her European travels, igniting an interest in architecture that would not leave her.

After college, she worked in Chicago for British Airways and did a brief stint as a substitute teacher (which has stood her in good stead!), then packed up and moved to LA in 2000. Bethany has since worked for the EIDC (now known as Film LA); as a location agent and as a freelance producer for several years on large still photo projects. During this time, she also attended UCLA working toward a degree in Interior Design and is a licensed Real Estate Salesperson.